Scanning Solutions

Increasing your office productivity by enhancing document efficiency

We offer solutions that extracts information from images for use in enterprise content Management(ECM) and line-of-business systems. Our application operates on a universal capture portal that transforms various forms of documents entering organization through multichannel inputs. It will help you to reduce labor and paper costs significantly, deliver meaningful information for better, faster decision making and improves customer service response through faster decision.

Best-in-class capture works with multiple recognition engines, configurable using rules that support dozens of languages.
Mobile Capture: supports capture through mobile devices enabling users to capture documents at the point of origination. Adaptable, extendible rules-based capture offers configuration with a simple point-and-click interface. Delivers a flexible set of capture capabilities.

Scanning and verification using a browser provides an integrated solution for remote scanning or verification over the Internet using a browser. Document classification using content analytics strategy for locating data on unstructured documents.

We provide customization and support services for Kofax Capture, IBM Datacap and Ephesoft scanning softwares.