We offer Vertical Market solutions which are specifically designed to cater client needs.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions:

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables organizations to easily and efficiently capture, store, use and manage information contained within its business documents from any device, anywhere and anytime.

Every Industry segment, every organization and every department will have different requirements because of the specificity and varied objectives. Hence it takes an in depth understanding of industries, companies and business processes in order to offer the most suitable content management solution and to be able to implement the same for maximum ROI. We provide services for Alfresco, FileNet and SharePoint..

Scanning Solutions:

Turn paper documents into searchable electronic files.

Enables organizations to scan documents in batches, automatically separated documents, and manipulate files before exporting them in popular file formats. Provide easy integrated into document management systems Alfreco, SharePoint, FileNet , serving as the scan modules for delivering captured, enhanced images into a content management system.

Ecommerce Solutions:

Help your business take advantage of the growing Ecommerce channel.

In today's rapidly changing environment, every organization strives to be more agile and move faster, or risk being left behind by the competition. That applies to your business overall, and especially your online presence. Most organizations today are burdened with legacy technology that is hard to use, impossible to connect to other systems, and requires expensive IT resources to make any updates. Our Solution provides everything you need to empower content creators and deliver a dynamic online experience to site visitors that helps you achieve your goals.

CampusXpert School ERP:

Presenting, CampusXpert- an advanced ERP solution for schools

To respond to changing requirements and new demands of faculty, students and parents, education institutions must adjust business processes for better measurement and outcomes. A traditional school campus system finds itself struggling between stringent timelines and growing information needs of various stakeholders. Areas like fee or admission management are highly complex and require great amount of manual intervention. It is a common practice amongst institutions to deploy their faculty towards documentation, collation and other related activities.