Business Intelligence

We provide End to End business intelligence model which is easy to use for any user, even those who doesn't have any prior experience using it.

We define Business Intelligence as a collection of technologies and applications that can collect information from different sources in your company, store, analyze and provide it to all kind of users of your company to help them make better business decisions

Business Intelligence needs in your organization When you invest in Business Intelligence you turn your transactional systems' investments such as ERP, CRM, and SCM into tangible investments just by extracting information from them and make it a powerful tool to make strategic and business decisions.

Your executives need to have the necessary information to make decisions anytime, anywhere.

The information and metrics used by executives of your organization must be aligned with the goals of the organization.

Many companies still lack a Business Intelligence strategy that is aligned with their organizational goals and objectives, therefore the companies that do have a BI strategy have a competitive advantage.

Business Intelligence Solutions

In order to meet your Business Intelligence needs, Rationalesoft has the following solutions portfolio:

Information Delivery

  • Reporting: Provides the ability to create formatted and interactive reports, with or without parameters, with high distribution scalability. In addition, you can generate a wide range of report styles: financial, commercial, and operational, among others. This allows users to access and interact with Business Intelligence content that is delivered consistently across different platforms such as portals, web or mobile devices.
  • Dashboards: Dashboards are a set of reports that can be published through portals, web or mobile devices, allowing interaction with the information. The reports show the status of performance metrics compared to business objectives. Additionally, dashboards are used to disseminate information to operational applications or in conjunction with event processing systems.
  • Ad Hoc Query: This feature allows users to answer their own business questions and retrieve business data without the assistance of IT. This feature streamlines the decision making process and breaks off the dependency on the business intelligence application that resides on the server.
  • Microsoft Office Integration: Business Intelligence platforms are often used as an intermediate layer to manage, secure and execute BI tasks, but Microsoft Office, and specially Excel, acts as the Business Intelligence client. In these cases, it is vital for solutions to integrate well with Microsoft Office applications.

Business Intelligence Benefits

Some of the benefits your company will receive with Business Intelligence include:

  • Visibility to see where your business was, where it is now and where it should be.
  • Timely information to answer questions about your business more quickly.
  • Key business metrics when and where needed.
  • Optimize the decision-making process through proper management of the information of the behavior of your market, customers and products.
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities.
  • Manage inventory more effectively.
  • Find where the costs of your organization are.